braatveit_ingerAv Inger Bråtveit / Foto: Finn Ståle Felberg


I am a pig  

I’m driving my car Oslo-Drammen-Oslo

twice a week  

sometimes more often

I don’t like the train

It’s sweaty and stressful

and not comfortable enough for me

I’m a pig  

twice a week

sometimes more often

I through my body lotion out of the window

I’m driving alone in my car

I don’t like giving my colleagues a lift  

I listen to music

It’s really interesting

I like to write emails at work

Checking in on my Facebook

I work at Danvik Folkehøyskole

Its sad.

I´m a PIG and I know a lot of PIGS

They are lacy and don`t give a damn.


I through my Olden-bottle out of the window

The children is drinking Pepsi Max in the backseat

Next week my oldest son is flying to Amsterdam,

My daughter is going to Vietnam

then she is going to Bali and Tenerife

She is trying to take her Master degree

She is only missing five studiepoeng


Soon it is Christmas, and I have bought lots of gifts

I’m a PIG and I’m RICH

I can do what I want

I just by it


Yesterday I bought my husband a new car,

a Nissan Leaf, 100 % electric

My youngest children wanted to go to Grand Canaria

I bought them a trip trough the Scandinavian Bamseclub

They can eat their desserts first,

There are dinners enough.

I`m a PIG

And I am RICH

I like sushi and red meat

I´m reaching out to my children, and I love my husband

Family is important but not all understand

It’s hard work, and I really need my car


How can I open the eyes to my children?

I take my children out in the wood.

I show my children a tree.

Give it ten yeas, I say

Give it twenty.

I show my children a stone

I show my children a sheep.

I show my children the Sea.


We drive my car to the Sea.



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