Polluting / poem in action


Av  Dan Simpson


The spoiled child sleeps spoiled

wrapped in a noxious fleece-lined embrace

her stained face peaceful

breathing tainted settled and calm corroded

nestled in clean cotton sheets foul

tucked in and sour corroded warm.


Yellow light softly tainted dawns

creeping into contaminated the sour room

gentle dirty and sweet

brightening the walls

she tainted foul soon foul opens her sickly eyes

blinks at the contaminated dirty world.


Her fist opens tainted and closes

fingers grasping at corroded stained nothing;

she holds everything in her palm.



Dan Simpson’s poems are part of the publication, Weatherfronts: Climate Change and the Stories We Tell, commissioned by TippingPoint following the Weatherfronts event in London in June 2014. Writers were invited to send their proposals responding to the themes of the event. The publication was the result of a collaboration between TippingPointFree Word and Spread the Word with support from Arts Council England. For more information on Weatherfronts and to read the other commissions go to https://www.freewordcentre.com/blog/2015/01/weatherfronts-climate-change-writing-commissions/ All copyright remains with the individual authors.


Dan Simpson writes about the poem Pollution: «As ecosystems are upset by pollution, so the poem becomes corrupt: the text is disrupted by non-coherent words appearing in the poem, destroying sense.» To appreciate the full nature of Dan Simpson texts in action, please visit Weatherfronts.dansimpsonpoet.co.uk  Site by Ian Bridgeman .

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