The non-fictional porky poetry in excelsis

​Av Freddy Fjellheim



I. look! The mountain grouse from Valdres is still chernobylian flapping

II. in the flaky codfish flesh the tongue tastes unknown|||| metals

III. greedy pig farmers in Mexico promote a new flu


IV. nah, Hermes herbal drugs doesn’t do it for pigs

​transforming to capitalists

V. the animal feed stuffed in cows will then contaminate

humans with beastly affinities

VI. after the shiny canned food boxes of Nansen: invisible troops of additives in dirty combinations


VII. the water we drink is cloridified / who the fuck will defecate a foul tongue?

VIII. stomachs became the lab of farmacology, sponsored by your life and mine

IX. is the western economies the Charybdis gape, swallowing and puking, puking and swallowing


X. from now on death means gas emissions The costs of 1 death is 11 carbon allowances

XI. funerals become a matter of soil pollution. Price unknown.

XII. alas, the earth slides out in huge segments, water is rising, graves are turned / by a wounded nature


XIII. what unnatural nature have humans accepted? Like a monkey/ in signs /we don ́t understand?


Familiar tongues whispering: / fight, love, die / Bleeding wounds are last to dry




Translation into English (c) 2013 by Casper André Lugg. 
All rights, including electronic, are reserved by the author and translator

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