Jaś Kapela is a poet, novelist, columnist and blogger, his darkly comic work is proudly left-wing and focuses on the conflict of an individual living in a hostile society. In 2013 Kapela participated in Live Green, a campaign for ecological lifestyles led by the Green Cross, Poland. We have earlier on published an essay by Kapela about Jeremy Rifkins book «The Third Industrial Revolution» (22.11.14)

He is also the author of Stosunek seksualny nie istnieje (Sexual intercourse does not exist) and Janusz Hrystus (Janus Hrist). He is one of five Writers in Residence for Weather Stations, a project that places literature and storytelling at the heart of discussions about climate change. Norwegian Writers Climate Campaign § 112 works in the same field, so let us listen to a Polish colleague about what is happening to us all:





This video was originally created for Weather Stations, a project developed by Free Word, Internationales literaturfestival Berlin, Krytyka Polityczna, Tallaght Community Centre and The Wheeler Centre with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.’


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