NuVenture™ TEMPO-L: A QuickStart Guide / Isaac Yuen



Congratulations on purchasing the NuVenture™ TEMPO-L, ChronoCorp’s best-selling, highest-rated, economy-class time machine! Whether you’re seeking the latest thrills or the next great family-friendly vacation, the TEMPO-L offers the perfect mix of premium time-jumping experience, no-stress upkeep, and prime fuel efficiency for any budget-conscious traveler. Embark on your first set of adventures today, courtesy of the folks at ChronoCorp!

Before You Start…

Prior to your journey across time and space, please make sure you meet the following criteria to ensure the smooth operation of your NuVenture™ TEMPO-L:

  • Maintain a minimum clearance of five feet from any other vehicles or structures.
  • Launch from a level and non-meltable surface (artificial turf not recommended).
  • Purchase one ChronoCorp ENVIRORAD™ suit per passenger (suits sold separately).
  • Bring your favorite drinks and snacks for watching history unfold before your eyes!


The NuVenture™ TEMPO-L comfortably seats four and comes equipped with the latest version of TERRAGRIP™ firmware, designed to smooth out any time disturbances you may encounter while keeping you grounded on planet Earth at all times. Worries about drifting off into space or materializing into solid rock are things of the past! All seventh-generation NuVenture™ models are factory-tested by trained staff and come with full money-back guarantees.[1]


Suit up and Strap in: Nu-Adventures Await!

Whether you’re dreading another ninety-hour workweek or the news barrage of doom and gloom, the NuVenture™ TEMPO-L offers the ultimate escape from the concerns of modern life. All North American models come preinstalled with four complimentary NATURAL HISTORY GETAWAYS carefully crafted by our ChronoCorp travel experience enhancement experts:


PASTORAL PICNIC BLISS – Tired of being stuck indoors during those constant 130-degree summer days? Want to take your sweetie somewhere special but can’t afford the pos-creds? Travel back to 1504 AD and enjoy a relaxing lunch in the Southern Appalachians, back when forests still grew and the buffalo roamed! Simply turn the main control dial—located at the bottom right-hand corner of the central NavDash—to Setting 1, lock in the “Jump” button, and let the NuVenture™ TEMPO-L do the rest. Watch the haze-filled, people-packed cityscape melt away, replaced by rolling hills, crystal streams, and lush greenery as far as the eyes can see! Once the ozone smell dissipates and the “Fully Materialized” light flashes green, use the fine setting on your time tuner—located on the lower left-hand corner of the NavDash—to choose your desired month, day, hour, and minute. Many travelers opt for September 14 at 3:45 p.m., a crisp autumn afternoon a few hours before sunset, when groves of beech and oak shimmer cinnamon and gold. Leave your standard-issue smog mask behind and take in a lungful of sweet air that bests any canned product on the market. Stroll and soak in the sights within the area delineated by ChronoCorp staff members.[2]

Interested in once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spectacle? Visit anytime from August 21–24 to see the skies darken under the billion-strong flocks of passenger pigeons descending upon nearby chestnut forests. No binoculars required, but umbrellas are highly recommended!

For a safe, indoor, consumer-friendly experience, follow the glowing prompt on your NuVenture™ detachable NaviPad to C&C FRONTIER VILLAGE, a tented shopping hub with more than 220 stores. Complete your holiday shopping with our retail partners, who offer not only your favorite brands but also period-specific artifacts and artisanal gifts crafted by local friendly ChronoCorp associates. Their creations are sure to wow even the most difficult person on your list!


ICESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS – Ever yearn for a taste of polar baron life? Wonder what the glacier craze of 2028 was all about? Select Setting 2 on the control dial and travel back to 26,000 BC at the height of the Pleistocene when ice covered the continent. Snowshoe over ice a mile thick and peer down at crevasses just as deep.[3] Watch live and woolly versions of the elephants, rhinoceroses, and lions you saw as a kid on holographic displays at local museums. Have a snowball fight with real natural snow. Bring a few gallons of pristine glacial melt back to share with friends or to tease coworkers stuck drinking reclaimed or de-sal solutions!

If you’ve had enough of the cold, head back inside and relax with a hot cocoa-flavored drink. Take advantage of your vehicle’s hot water dispenser, deicing system, seat warmers, and motorized beverage holders (the latter is available in NuVenture™ TEMPO-XL and TEMPO-DX models). Plug into the onboard entertainment system through your standard-issue OcciPort and stream all the latest virtual reality entertainment with every blink of the eye (Ti-Fi connection charges apply).

In the mood for extravagance? Check your NaviPad for directions to ChronoCorp’s Château de Glace. Come for the powder skiing; stay for the fireside meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs using the finest locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy pan-seared Columbian mammoth tenderloin with garlic parsnip mash, rack of Irish elk with red wine jus and fresh winter greens, or the ever-popular braised giant sloth shank osso bucco.[4] You’ll never look at your soy-grub burger the same way again!


MARINE MONSTERS & MASSAGES ­- Captivated by tales your grandparents told you about how oceans were full of fish? Set that dial to Setting 3, and head all the way back to one hundred million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, when North America housed its very own inland sea full of fantastical creatures! Put on your ChronoCorp AQUASEAL™ suit, connect the optional NuVenture™ airlock attachment, and head out to see what the seas were like before the age of mass algal blooms. [5] Just be careful of man-eating sharks and shark-eating reptiles!

For some free stress relief, simply toggle the “Submerge” button on the top left-hand corner of the NavDash, then switch on the high beams and mood music while you watch a mass congregation of ammonites—giant spiral-shelled creatures that fill the waters like present-day jellyfish swarms and plastic gyres. Need more pampering? Head over to Cerulean Spas, ChronoCorp’s newest flagship attraction, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime for a fraction of the price of all-inclusive Antarctic resorts!


APOCALYPSE YESTERDAY – Looking to one-up your work colleagues’ amazing vacation tales? Curious to see where it all began? Crank that dial all the way to Setting 4 to see the Earth emerge from its fiery genesis 3.5 billion years ago.[6] Venture out in your ChronoCorp THERMACOOL™ suit and bring along your OXY-PUR™ air supply to explore a foreign but familiar world, but be careful where you step— that pool of primordial goo might hold the building blocks of your great-great-great ancestor! For maximum enjoyment, pair this time-jump experience with our future premium package, The World on Fire™ (available for purchase separately).[7]

Looking for wholesome family fun? Awarded four and a half stars by TripMapper three years in a row, the LaurentiaN Mining Museum, operated by Paleo Extractions, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of ChronoCorp), is perfect for both kids and adults. Take the underground mine tour to see how engineers discovered the rare earth metals used in all our daily essential gadgets. Keep what you find at our gold panning pavilion. Stop by our gift shop for unique souvenir meteorites, or consult with our gemstone specialists to find the perfect gift for that special someone from the Archean-Prime™ signature series, sold exclusively at licensed ChronoCorp facilities and fine jewelry stores.


Click and Return!

Thank you for choosing the ChronoCorp line of products for your time-traveling needs – we’re certain you’ll treasure the entertainment value the NuVenture™ line of time machines will offer for years to come. To return to the present, simply tap the “Return” button located on the upper right-hand corner of the central NavDash. Your NuVenture™ TEMPO-L comes equipped with four “forward” settings to transport you back to the present, safe and sound: 1X (default 60s/min), 2X (120s/min), 4X (240s/min), and 8X speed (480s/min).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What other time periods can I travel to with my NuVenture™ TEMPO-L?

A: Additional ChronoCorp premium past and future time-jump experiences include Mesozoic Rumble™, Universal Origins™, Mechanical Mutinies™, and DUNE survivors™. Many other exclusive packages are available for purchase at the NuVenture™ storefront. Simply access it through your OcciPort or visit your local certified NuVenture™ dealership to speak with an authorized salesperson and book your next dream vacation!


Q: Can I stay in the past longer?

A: Of course! The best thing about time travel is that you can stay as long as you like and return home the second you left. For extended stay packages, please contact any ChronoCorp front-line customer service agent at your local licensed dealership to find accommodations that fit your needs and budget.


Q: How can I return at a higher speed?

A: Simply access the NuVenture™ shop through your OcciPort or visit your local NuVenture™ dealership to unlock your desired return speeds. (A valid credit card or access to a pos-cred debit account is required.)


Q: I’m currently short a few credits. How can I return home faster?

A: Not to worry! ChronoCorp is pleased to offer temporary or long-term residences for all our contracted partners and associates. In exchange for a stint at one of our licensed facilities[8], we will be happy to provide return passage to the present day. Whether you’re geared toward a career in retail and hospitality or interested in obtaining skills in a more specialized field— foodstuffs tracking and procurement, gastronomical hygiene technologies, subterranean exploration and development, ore transportation logistics, or ultrafauna husbandry and maintenance—ChronoCorp has the right opportunity for you!


Have a fantastic time, as many as you want, courtesy of the ChronoCorp Family!


[1] Your NuVenture™ TEMPO-L comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. Extended coverage and more comprehensive CHRONOCARE™ packages can be purchased at your local certified NuVenture™ dealer.

[2] All preset time-jump destinations are selected in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1945/2044 and comply with the New Guangzhou Temporal Accord and the Global Agreement for Timeline Integrity Preservation, which explicitly prohibits interactions with historical figures prior to 2047 AD. Failure to remain within predetermined locales as outlined by ChronoCorp will result in immediate vehicle seizure, confiscation of any and all accrued artifacts, fines of up to 250,000 pos-creds, and/or temporal extraction and erasure of up to twenty-five cycles.

[3] ChronoCorp Ltd. is not responsible for any falls, injuries, disappearances, or deaths that may occur throughout the course of any time jumps. Please exercise caution when traversing dangerous terrain, confronting wild indigenes, or inhaling exotic atmospheres.

[4] Menu may vary due to ingredient availability. Guests planning for extended stays may experience minor stomach discomforts while adjusting to period-authentic foods. Please notify staff if symptoms persist and/or worsen after seventy-two hours. Vaccinations against prehistoric viral strains and endoparasites are available at certified ChronoCorp travel clinics.

[5] Moisture seeps may appear around your NuVenture™ TEMPO-L door during aquatic operations. This is common and does not indicate seal-integrity compromise. In the event of minor leaks and hull breaches, please locate the onboard maintenance kit under the primary passenger seat and use the supplied double-sided rubber binding adhesive to provide additional protection.

[6] Slight structural warping may occur during extreme heat conditions. This is normal and does not affect standard ship operations. Your NuVenture™ TEMPO- L is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit under laboratory-tested conditions.

[7] The World on Fire™ experience may not be suitable for children or those with preexisting medical conditions. Please consult your physician to see if strenuous temporal revelations are right for you.

[8] Agreement acknowledges that employee is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for periods worked prior to the establishment of labor standards in Standard Historical Time. ChronoCorp reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time, upon its sole discretion, without notice or cause. In exchange for travel and accommodations provided by ChronoCorp, any contracted employee hereby waives and releases any and all rights and actions, across all time periods, that may result from injuries and/or damages to person and/or property sustained during assigned activities.



For å markere 30 årsjubileet til Bruntland rapporten (1987), inviterte Tanja R. Bisgaard i alt 10 forfattere fra 6 land til å skrive en novelle hver om hvordan de tror verden vil se ut i 2047 med utgangspunkt i klimaforandingene. Utgiver: Createspace.

Isaac Yuen’s work can be found in OrionRiver Teeth’s Beautiful ThingsTin House online, and as a «Notable» mention in the 2017 Best American Science and Natur Writing anthology. He is the creator of Ekostories, an essayblog exploring ideas around nature, culture, and identity. Isaac currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish people.

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