Sidsel Mørck forfatter Pappa – en russisk flyktning bok om faren

By Sidsel Mørck


Blue is our only heaven

Green is our only earth.

Our only future is dark

And now is for making our mark.


We know all we need and more

Of the folly of bygone days:

They chopped down forests with axes

And topsoil was washed off and blew away.

All for a short-lived profit

Leaving the scars

To which we are heirs.


We know all we need and more

About using more dangerous tools,

But our folly matches their.

We don` t want to know that gains

Can be losses in future years,

That prosperity can cause pains

And success can poison our heirs.


We don’t want to see

That piling more riches and riches

Impoverishes the earth

We don`t want to hear

The future weeping

Through riot and mirth.


Borrowing, bying and selling

In markeds run by thieves

We are robbing ourselves and humanity`s home.

No sponsors pay to see

A lake, a peak, a tree.


But ever-approashing desert

Will force us to understand:

The time is short, time is short,

Every night marks the death of a day

And the trial begins tomorrow.

All of us are guilty

No one can go free.

What will our legacy be?


Blue is our only heaven

Green is our only earth.

Our only future is dark

And now is for making our mark!


Translated by Peter Bilton.

This poem was originally written for a Norwegian TV-documentary on the Brundtland Commission and is the Norwegian contribution to the anthology Masterworks of Man and Nature:Preserving Our World Heritage (1992).

Sidsel Mørck (born 1937) is a Norwegian lyricist and novelist and the author of 40 books. She made her literary debut in 1967 with the poetry collection Et ødselt sekund.  Mørck was awarded the Mads Wiel Nygaards Endowment in 1976. She has also received the Fritt Ord Honorary Award in 1990  and the Ossietzky-prize from Norwegian P.E.N in 2013.


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