Billedlig talt: Widening Circles by Pat van Boeckel

Throughout my life I have heard the message, again and again, that the end of the world may be near. The atomic bomb, leaking nuclear power plants, climate change: these are just some of the items on the list. The good news is that we as humans are still around. Yet, with every new calamity that takes place, people want to bury their heads in the sand again.

Photo: Stills of Joanna Macy from the film Widening Circles by Pat van Boeckel.
Photo: Stills of Joanna Macy from the film Widening Circles by Pat van Boeckel.

I made a plan for setting out to meet Joanna Macy. She is an American environmental activist, already for fifty years, standing firm in protection of Earth. She developed a method that supports people in coping with the ecological and social crises of our times. Dealing with it without succumbing to apathy, despair or cynicism. She calls this “The Work That Reconnects.” Presently, trainings in this are provided all over the world. At the moment, Joanna is 88 years of age. The widening circles around her are teeming with life. As I travel along America’s West Coast, I meet several people who have been deeply influenced by Joanna. Each in their own way gives a personal expression to the practice of The Work that Reconnects. Moving to action rather than to throw in the towel.

Pat van Boeckel (Amerongen 1962) is a Dutch documentary filmmaker, director and video artist. A journey of six months through Indian reservations in America in 1986 marks the beginning of his development as a freelance filmmaker. Soon he found an audience in cinemas, on television and at film festivals. In his (video-) art, he examines the relation of man to nature and contemporary modes of meaning, aiming towards new perspectives from philosophy, religion and philosophy of indigenous peoples. His work is characterized by simplicity and is through the slow pace a comment on the speed and volatility of modern visual culture. Read more here:



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