Alice Miller / WHAT FIRE

Vanishing Point

Ludicrous to be in love as the world ends,
but that’s humans for you, I guess.
The joke’s on earth, that we can still
adore while dooming. I wake up
with you and the world seems new.

Some people still want to be remembered
forever, even when forever’s
never here, or even if it’s only
for those last few seconds earth exists, they want
to be left on someone’s lips.

It makes no sense to me.
I don’t want to vanish
but if we must, I plan to merge myself with you
so that we are two waters swimming amongst
the other, waves forming and fading,
minds gone but water interchangeable,
impossible to evaporate.


Alice Miller har skrevet tre diktsamlinger, hvorav What Fire (Pavilion, 2021) er den siste. Diktene du nå har lest er fra denne samlingen. Hun har også skrevet romanen More Miracle than Bird (Tin House, 2020). Hun bor i Berlin.

Foto: Studio Monbijou

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