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Kontakt nettsidens redaktører / Editorial board:

Freddy Fjellheim (Editor-in-chief /Ansv. redaktør og utg.): freddy.fjellheim[at]

Kathleen Rani Hagen: kathleen.rani.hagen(@)

Carsten Jensen: dencarstenjensen(@)

Ishion Hutchinson: ishion.hutchinson(@) (USA)

James Byrne: jamesbyrne77(@) (UK)

Tommy Olsson: xtommyolsson(@)

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: t.h.eriksen(@)

Sigurd Hverven: sigurd.hverven[at]

Marius Mikkel Kjølstad / Marius.Kjolstad(@)

Sofia Roberg: sofiaroberg(@) (Sverige)

Johannes Heldén: johanneshelden(@) (Sverige)

Randi Ward: randi(@) (USA/ Færøyene)

Anders Dunker: (Norway/ USA)

Arne Johan Vetlesen (@)


Tidligere redaksjonsmedlemmer: Sofie Isager Ahl, Eva Bakkeslett, Sissel Bergfjord, Inga Bostad, Daniel Boysen, Nickole Brown, Susanne Christensen, Elisabeth Eide, Ragnhild Freng Dale, Martin Fjeld, Jonas Gren, Anne Karin Jortveit, Søren Toft Høyner, Eirik Høyer Leivestad, Agnar Lirhus, Alice Miller, Mette Moestrup, Sidsel Mørck, Randi Nygård, Lars Haga Raavand, Line Madsen Simenstad, Lars Skinnebach, Kim Simonsen, Ingrid Storholmen, Mats O. Svensson, Mats Söderlund, Karolin Tampere, Charlotte Weitze, Jesper Weithz, Andreas Ytterstad.


Nettstedet redigeres etter redaktørplakaten. / Med funksjon av nettbibliotek er nettstedet i lovens forstand også et elektronisk privatarkiv som skal bevares for ettertiden: Nettsidene høstes inn av Nasjonalbiblioteket med bakgrunn i pliktavleveringsloven. // Forfatternes Klimaaksjon er medlem av Norsk Tidsskriftforening.


FF frontal Maja Hattvang

Freddy Fjellheim , b. 1957. Member of DnF, NF, NFF and Norsk Kritikerlag. Debuted with 1. Olsen’s Bok in 1983 and has published 16 books. The first environmental text I got in print in 1970 (The Democrat) after an excursion with the research vessel Pandalus Navigator: Man, plankton and photosynthesis became the starting point for my writing. About a decade later, I set out to explore an eco-literary form, i.a. in The Emerald / Sequences, 1989. Language = environment = literature. Social and ecological issues also put me on the trail of the genre I call «essayistic action», and the eco-theme is otherwise integrated in many of my books and articles, blue. in Relationships (1990) and Community Art (2010). As a literary critic, I have been concerned with promoting a reading that takes into account the climate crisis’ new premises for all types of utterances. In 2011, I established the festival Poetry in Borderlands together with Wiggo Andersen and in 2013 led FKA’s initiative group and first board. The same year I co-created this website with Martin Fjeld. Latest releases: 3 Bøker (2017) og (2021).


Photo: Pernille Walvik /

Kathleen Rani Hagen (b. 1988) debuted in fiction with the novel Basic Plant Diversity in October 2018. Educated in both literary studies and biology, and has a particular interest in ecology and environmental protection. She has written several essays on literature, climate and the environment in various newspapers and magazines. Since 2013, she has worked as a literature reviewer in Fædrelandsvennen. In the autumn of 2019, she contributed a prose text in the anthology An Invite to Eternity which was published by Calque Press.



Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Norwegian social anthropologist and author; professor at & nbsp; Universitetet i Oslo & nbsp; from 1995. From 2004 head of the research program CULCOM – Cultural complexity in the new Norway. He has also been a guest researcher and lecturer at a number of universities in several countries. Editor of several journals, including & nbsp; Samtiden & nbsp; (1993–2001), & nbsp; < i> Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift & nbsp; (1993–97), & nbsp; Journal of Peace Research (1994–98) and & nbsp; Ethnos & nbsp; (from 1997 ). Among his many book releases are & nbsp; The Road to a More Exotic Norway & nbsp; (1991), & nbsp; Us and Them in Modern Societies & nbsp; (1992), & nbsp; Ethnicity and Nationalism. Anthropological Perspectives & nbsp; (1993), & nbsp; Small places – big questions. Introduction to Social Anthropology & nbsp; (1993), & nbsp; Cultural Crossroads. Essays on Creoles & nbsp; (1994), & nbsp; Egoism & nbsp; (1999, sm.m. DO Hessen), & nbsp; The Tyranny of the Moment. Fast and slow times in the information age (2001), & nbsp; Roots and feet & nbsp; (2004), & nbsp; Cosmopolitics & nbsp; (2006, with Halvor Finess Tretvoll), The Big Wolf Syndrome: The Pursuit of Happiness in the Abundant Society & nbsp; (2008) and the collection of articles Knowledge and power in an overheated world (2017, together with Elisabeth Schober) In addition, the novel & nbsp; The Last Days Lucky & nbsp; (1999). He is i.a. awarded the Research Prize from the University of Oslo (2017).


Arne Johan Vetlesen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. Vetlesen lectures frequently outside the University and is an active participant in public debates, with a column in the newspaper «Klassekampen». He is the author of twenty-five books, mostly within ethics and (increasingly over the last ten years) environmental philosophy. His most recent books are «Cosmologies of the Anthropocene: Panpsychism, Animism, and the Limits of Posthumanism» (Routledge 2019), «It goes to hell. Or? About love, sorrow and rage in the time of nature and climate crisis» (m / Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug; Dinamo Forlag 2020) and «Pain in our time» (Dinamo Forlag 2020).


 Sigurd Hverven

Sigurd Hverven (b. 1991) has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Oslo and Ruprecht-Kärls-Universität in Heidelberg, with a thesis about GWF Hegel and Hans Jonas. It addresses the concept of freedom in political philosophy in the light of modern environmental problems. & Nbsp; He has & nbsp; written essays, articles, articles and interviews & nbsp; for a & nbsp; various newspapers and magazines, often on political philosophy and & nbsp; natural and environmental issues. He & nbsp; has also & nbsp; worked in the Church Council (Den norske kirke) and in Klassekampen’s debate editorial staff and is a guitarist and vocalist in Rødtvet Rockeband. In 2016, Hverven received the Georg Morgenstiernes Prize for outstanding masters in philosophy at the University of Oslo. Among other things, he has published «Natural Philosophy»


Sofia Roberg (b. 1990) is a literary critic and poet. She is a doctoral student at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University, where she is writing a dissertation on Inger Christensen’s eco-poetics and teaching eco-criticism and literary history. She has also published the book of poems Pärlemor (2015). Has previously been editor of Ordkonst and Floret, and is part of the collective Malmötxt which arranges literature events with a focus on readings of poetry and prose.


Johannes Heldén & nbsp; is a Swedish visual artist, writer and musician. His interdisciplinary works deals with poetry, ecology, artificial intelligence, sentience and narrative structures. & Nbsp; Recent projects include the & nbsp; Encyclopedia & nbsp; AI (2015-2018) and & nbsp; New New Hampshire < / em> & nbsp; && nbsp; Clouds & nbsp; (2017, for the Momentum biennial, hybrid installation / publication) and & nbsp; Astroecology & nbsp; (2016) which was published simultaneously in three languages, & nbsp; made into an interdisciplinary performance at The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm and a digital artwork published by Bonniers Konsthall. & nbsp; He has published four music albums, recently Takträdgårdar & nbsp; (OEI) and System (Irrlicht), and seven digital online works of poetry and visual art. & nbsp; Awards and fellowships include the inaugural N. Katherine Hayles prize in 2014 (for the Evolution project), and the 2015 Åke Andrén Art Prize. He was awarded the 2018 Iaspis New York Fellowship, and is a fellow of the MacDowell Colony, Headlands Center for the Arts, Hawthornden Castle, CCA Andratx; NKD Norway et al. His work has recently been shown at RIBOCA1 (The Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art), the 2019 Desert X biennial in Palm Springs, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the 9th Momentum biennial in Moss, Roskilde Festival and Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, & nbsp; Kunsthall Trondheim, & nbsp; ISEA in Vancouver, & nbsp ; & nbsp;


Ishion Hutchinson Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Ishion Hutchinson  was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He is the author of two poetry collections: Far District and House of Lords and Commons . He is the recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Joseph Brodsky Rome Prize, the Whiting Writers Award, the PEN / Joyce Osterweil Award, the Windham-Campbell Prize for Poetry and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature, among others. He is a contributing editor to the literary journals The Common and Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art .


James Byrne is a poet, editor, translator and visual artist. His most recent poetry collections are & nbsp; The Caprices, & nbsp; a response to Francisco Goya’s ‘Los Caprichos’ (Arc, 2019), & nbsp; Everything Broken Up Dances & nbsp; ( Tupelo, US, 2015) and & nbsp; White Coins & nbsp; (Arc Publications, UK, 2015). & Nbsp; He was the editor of & nbsp; The Wolf , an influential, internationally- minded literary magazine between 2002 and 2017. In 2012 he co-translated and co-edited & nbsp; Bones Will Crow , the first anthology of contemporary Burmese poetry to be published in English (Arc, 2012, Northern Illinois University Press, 2013) and he co-edited & nbsp; I am a Rohingya < / em>, the first book of Rohingya refugee poems in English. He is the co-editor of & nbsp; Atlantic Drift: An Anthology of Poetry and Poetics & nbsp; (Edge Hill University Press / Arc, 2017) and & nbsp; Voice Recognition : & nbsp; < em> 21 Poets for the 21 st & nbsp; Century , published by Bloodaxe in 2009. Byrne received a PhD from Edge Hill University and an MFA in Poetry from New York University, where he was given a Stein Fellowship (‘Extraordinary International Scholar’). He was the Poet in Residence at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and is currently Reader in Contemporary Literature at Edge Hill University. & Nbsp; Byrne has given readings in Libya and Syria and his & nbsp; Selected Poems / Poemas Escogidos & nbsp; are published by Buenos Aires Poetry. He has translated poems by Myanmar and Rohingya poets, among others. He is the International Editor for Arc Publications and his poems have been translated into several languages ​​including Arabic, Burmese and Chinese. Forrest Gander writes that reading & nbsp; Everything Broken Up Dances & nbsp; is ‘like gulping firewater shots of the world’. John Kinsella declares Byrne ‘a complete original’.


Anders Dunker has an academic background in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from the University of Oslo and works as a journalist and philosophical writer with a focus on the environment, technology and planetary future perspectives. Since 2016, he has written a series of essays for & nbsp; Le Monde diplomatique , which will come out in Norwegian and Danish in 2021 under the title & nbsp; Å thinks on the planet / < em> Thinking on the Planet & nbsp; (Existenz / Virkelig) . & nbsp; He has also done an interview series with the contemporary international environmental thinkers, which resulted in the book & nbsp; Rediscovering Earth & nbsp; (2019) with the afterword by Dag O. Hessen, a title that was published in English with O / R books in 2021 under the title & nbsp; Rediscovering Earth – 10 Dialogues about the Future of Nature. & nbsp; He is the lead reviewer in New Age and also writes for modern times review and regularly contributes essays and interviews in Vagant, which is also the publisher for two of Dunker’s upcoming books. Dunker also works as an editor for the philosophy series FUTURUM for Existenz, which presents environmental and technology philosophical titles with an activist slant. Dunker draws inspiration from the work of Bruno Latour, and from Peter Sloterdijk and Bernard Stiegler’s philosophy. He is currently living in Los Angeles and writes for the Los Angeles Review of & nbsp; Books & nbsp; and is also an editorial fellow in the journal & nbsp; Technophany – a Journal for Philosophy of Technology – the lead body ofthe Research Network for Philosophy and Technology. He is currently working on the organization of an international conference, & nbsp; Entropy, Philosophy and the Planetary Future , which will take place in California and online in 2021/22.


Randi Ward says about herself:

Who I am?
Born and raised in West Virginia. Humanized in Norway. Recovering Faroephiliac living on an island of fire and ice.
What I do?
I write poems, essays, short stories, plays, song lyrics and whatnot. I’ve also been known to take photos and translate literature.
Am I crazy?
No, I’m just a well-informed, critical thinker who can not stand self-serving phonies or institutional incompetence. That scares some people. »


Marius Mikkel Kjølstad is a research fellow in legal history at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen. He is working on a dissertation on notions of the state’s purpose in Norwegian state thinking from 1814 to the First World War.



Tommy Olsson


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  1. Hei,
    Veldig bra med forfatternes klimaaksjon! Jeg arbeider med et fag som heter miljøpsykologi (envirnmental psychology) og har i mange år jobbet i undervisning og forskning med hvordan man kan forstå den menneskelige atferden som skaper de globale miljøproblemene. Det er helt avgjørende å få på plass lovgivning som forhindrer allmenningens tragedie ved å gjøre det umulig å være gratispassasjer (dvs la andre dra lasset) for individer, bedrifter og nasjoner. «Mutual coercian mutually agreed upon» (Hardin, 1968) er det som trengs. I tillegg må vi gjøre det lett og attraktivt å å gjøre det riktige (pro-miljøatferd) og vanskelig og aversivt å fortsette med miljøødeleggende handlinger.

    Einar Strumse,
    Cand psychol., dr.philos (miljøpsykologi)

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