Randi Samsonsen / Plastic Dialogue

I was an artist in residency in Kjøllefjord, Norway for 6 weeks. 

During my artist in residence, I investigated the possible use of materials found in the local environment in textile design and art. When I arrived, there was still snow and frost. So, the landscape was covered up. But as it started to melt, the landscape and materials started to appear. I soon became aware of the fact that in the north of Norway they are also challenged with plastic waste, as the Faroe Islands is. This is a global issue. But what is plastic? When did it start as a material? How is our behaviour as humans towards and with this material? We are the one who created the material, so is it not our responsibility. There were lots of questions that I needed to address. I set out to start PLASTIC DIALOGUES where I engaged a conversation with my hands in the material. 

The residency was supported by Nordic Culture Point and was organized by Arctic Culture Lab.




Randi Samsonsen graduated from The Design College at Kolding in Denmark in 2012 as Master in Design. She specialized in Textile Design. She works as a textile artist where she participates in various exhibitions with her work. She teaches Design (tools/methods) and Textile Tools (knit/weave/materials etc.). She constantly investigate the possibilities within textile, thread, form, colour within design and art. You can read more about her work here.

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