The game is over.

Is the Western world mentally dizzy and socially desperate after months of lock-down among all of us, and amongst the vulnerable, even break-down? While humans held their breath, nature was breathing deeper

Refugees and poor people are still suffering more than most of us can understand under this «climate pandemic». It is among these individuals and groups that all of us can learn about surviving and hope. Take note of it. This learning can only take place when we resolutely stretch out our hand and share of our time and money. Etymologically «suffering» means to “bear, resist, undergo», so we must bluntly declare our will to co-suffer with both man & nature. Otherwise we will stop to mature and grow, and there will be no peaceful revolution. How come?

If you want to unfold joy and nurture fighting spirit, the commitment for The Other is a reliable and necessary test:

All of a sudden love became the new reality, and by no means the rule of the game. The game is over. If humankind doesn´t direct its beautiful eyes and working hearts to the needs of the suppressed, both to the people and the nature, we will rapidly and most physically lose ground and grip.


Still, Norwegian Writers’ Climate Campaign celebrates the coming of summer in this cold country! The Nordic middle class run to the cliffs and beaches, into the woods and not to forget, up the steep slopes to the majestic mountains, like well-fed goats hungry for a spectacular view. An increasing number of us has long gone started to grow our own food in our backyards and gardens. So far as a joy, but also as a silent preparation for times to come. The same goes for our webpage, a wild, flowering meadow of languages and genres – essays, short stories, art, articles and poems. We have published almost fifty texts since January 1, with an overweight of women writers, and we have delved deep into matters like civil disobedience and the crisis in our democracies. Never before has so many used our pages from so many countries and educational institutions. Our activist library has been read close to 300 000 times.

This year we also invited our readers to support us economically by using the account 12086360371, or by VIPPS 617375. Our support campaign gave us all together 2000 NOK from fourteen contributors; seven readers and seven writers. We give our thanks. 

Thanks to benefactors as Free Word, the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association, the Bergesen foundation and a unique collaboration with Norwegian publishers, we have managed to collect a huge amount of insights, knowledge and a persistent wish to share values. Thank you all! 

We give our consent to the call for a peaceful revolution with this thought-provoking question:

«This question is for all of those who reject the notion of a peaceful political revolution. Given the heroic failures of the past, what’s the alternative? What would you do instead, that has not already been tried for many years without making any crucial difference?»

Take care of those not yet vaccinated. Take care of (the loving and invincible) EACH OTHER. 

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